Have you ever considered cosmetic dental work or a smile makeover, but considered it to be a vanity? Did you know that all cosmetic dentistry improves your oral health? Actually, Full Mouth Reconstruction or Restoration combines restorative dentistry with aesthetics. It improves the health, function, and beauty of your smile. People with severe dental problems are candidates for crowns, dentures, veneers, and implants. It involves a series of procedures using different prosthetics to give the appearance and task of your natural teeth. If you have had a lot of tooth loss, you are a candidate.

  • Immediate loading implant
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Porcelain crowns and bridges
  • Zoom whitening
  • Inlays, onlays
  • Change amalgam fillings
  • Full smile makeover
  • Esthetic contouring
  • Anterior and posterior composite restorations

Crowns and Bridges

Do you want to fill those spaces or cover damaged teeth? Then, the solution is a crown or a bridge. This is a fixed prosthetic device which cannot be removed, making smiling, chewing and speaking easier. A crown is used to cover a damaged tooth and to anchor a bridge. It can strengthen the existing tooth. Crowns are also attached to implants. They are made to match the color of your natural teeth. Bridges are used to replace missing teeth and are attached to the tooth or implant. This process of filling the gap can help prevent gum disease and TMJ a disorder that affects the bite and jaw bone.

Wanting a confident smile is not just vanity. Replacing your damaged or missing teeth is not only important for your self-confidence but is also crucial to your health. Our teeth affect the way we chew, absorb food and nutrition, speech and even breathing. Every dental cosmetic procedure improves your dental health.  Our expertise and cutting-edge procedures can give you a winning smile in a timely manner with minimally invasive techniques. Why not look your very best? Smile perfection!  We improve your smile with minimally invasive techniques to preserve the overall tooth structure.

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