Do you need to replace some teeth, but don’t want to deal with a denture that can slip, feel uncomfortable and needs a lot of care? Dental Implants are the treatment of choice when teeth are missing or teeth are too damaged to repair and will require removal. The implant mimics the roots of teeth. With the combination of crowns and bridges, you can achieve the look of your natural teeth. Implants are more comfortable than a denture, affordable and are a permanent solution. This technology has made great advances in the past decade.
Within the broad area of maxillofacial surgery, there are different areas of pathology, such as orthognathic surgery, dental implants, trauma, and tumors.

  • Dentoalveolar surgery
  • Dental implants
  • Maxillo-mandibular advancement
  • Facial infections and tooth removal
  • Removal of lesions and biopsy
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